Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Robs Favorite Websites

Hi, yes I know its been a while since I last wrote, but its winter here in the Great White North so not much has been happening, besides snow, more snow and yet again today MORE SNOW !!! The children all came home for Christmas which was great but now they have gone home or back to University its sooo quiet here, except for the sound of more snow falling. This gives me lots of time to cleanup snow and surf the web, not post as I know you could only stand so many pictures of me and sheep up to our "you know where" in white stuff.
So over on the right hand side of this page are a few of my favorites, just click on them and they patch you straight there, I tried them so I know they work. Most of course are ranch and farm related with some on food production and politics. Two though are a little different. Watts up is a neat site about recent happenings with a scientific angle and is simple to understand, rancher friendly so to speak.
The Idler is a neat site and is done by Tom Hodgkinson who's book my son gave me at Christmas to read, its called How To Be Free. Tom is a self confessed Anarchist and explains how to be free of worry and stress in our modern world. My son said that after reading it he better understood his parents and his upbringing. With that in mind I eagerly read the book and discovered myself on most of its pages. Both my wife and I despise bureaucracy, have spent all our married life growing our own fruit, vegetables, milk, meat and eggs and have for 27 of 28 married years have heated our homes with firewood. On top of that we hate spending money on things that depreciate or rust and run our vehicles into the ground, after 17 years and 465000 kilometers we are still trying to wear out our Volvo station wagon. Money is always handled with care and we would rather buy quality items than cheap crap(pardon the Anglo Saxon). I have always wondered why I felt like a square peg in a round hole, accused of being stubborn, cheap, going against the grain and some what anti- authority. This Christmas after reading Tom's book I discovered a word for it, I'm an Anarchist, not the Antichrist as some seem to think when I'm riled up about certain topics, or short on daily tea intake. So hunt down his book as its a fun read, with useful advice and lots to get the brain ruminating.
I am now trying to find Tom's fist book How To Be Idle, who's title suggests he may have experienced a snowy Canadian winter although he hails from Devon England.
I will be taking a forced break for a while as my trusty laptop is due for a service, so see you on the other side in a while.