Tuesday, October 20, 2009

On Feed

Our lambs were held up in their growth this year due to extremely hot weather and so they are a month behind their normal schedule. We usually have all the lambs sold before the grass runs out, but not this year. We sold about 70 lambs to feedlots to be finished by new owners. The remaining 90 or so we will feed and market finished ourselves. We do plan to keep back 15 to 20 of our best Dorset and Romney ewe lambs for replacement ewes as our flock is rather old. If we do this for the next two to three years we will end up with a strong young flock.

As you can see by the photos it does not take them long to learn what a feed trough is. Rosa now enjoys being around the yard as she can visit the different pens, wander out to the field to see the ewes, and terrorise the barn cats when ever she catches them by surprise!

Oreo cookie lambs