Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Rosa finds all the lambs tiring as they never leave her alone in the field so she is often found "chilling" in peace ouside the fence. She has greatly improved during lambing and has realised why we allow her to have dog food and what her true vocation in life is. All in all she is turning into a very good guardian dog.

Breaking through to the other side ( of lambing)

Its been nearly 3 weeks since my last post and very busy for us as we now have about 160 lambs up and running and only 17 more ewes to lamb. with only 10 or so singles most are twins and so far 9 sets of triplets and one set of quads. Thankfully we only have 4 bottle fed lambs so I still have some patience and sanity left, allowing for the fact we keep sheep in the first place! Most of the ewes left are first time lambers so most will probably have singles. We have put them out on a sacrifice area so they have plenty of room . The ewes are still on hay and barley as it will be at least two weeks before we can start to graze.

Friday, April 3, 2009

No rest for me!

In the pictures above it looks as though things are pretty laid back around here. Well for some maybe, but for us two legged critters lambing is heating up we had 9 ewes come in yesterday and they had 17 lambs between them. Also its now only 7 days to our grand opening and there seems to be way too much left to do and not enough day light to do it in. That said I may not blog this next week for obvious reasons!

Do any thing for milk.

Our main mama cat Nappy is expecting again and is no doubt in need of calcium, so much so ,she is willing to tip over the dogs bucket to steal the dregs at the bottom at great risk to herself if Rosa spots her.