Saturday, June 30, 2007

Folly Forword or Forwarned !!

Well I did it, and if I can, any idiot can. That is, create a blog, of course I'm not sure what its true purpose is, hence the name. A Folly is an English term used to describe buildings or structures that realy serve no purpose and were built on a whim of some kind. One famous one near were I was raised in Sussex England was dubed the suger loaf and was a tall spherical cone that was built to represent a church spire. A local Lord was drinking with a friend one afternoon some 200 years ago and bet he could see the local church spire from his house, upon closer inspection he discouvered he could not spy the spire so quickly had his men build the cone on a hill top so he could win the bet!
There at least is no money at stake here, but it may well turn out to be a blot (or blog) on the landscape if I do not make it interesting to any poor souls that stumble across its path. As many babyboomers before me have discovered when at the half way point (I am nearly 50) you have to decide if your glass is half empty or half full. As rancher and therefore an eternal optomist I view it as half full with lots left to do and places to see. Having spent the first half farming ,logging and ranching , living first in England and the last 28 years in Western Canada I feel blessed to have met so many interesting characters and know that if I dont start writing my experiences down my memories will go the way of my eyesight and hearing which dont seem to have the edge they once had. Hopefully this Blog will help jog my memory along the way and offer some entertainment for passers by as the wander through this part of cyber space. As you can now see I am a true product of the English working rural class, failing English at the secondary school level as many of us did, but hey, I can type with two fingers now, so look out, and enjoy my miss spelt gramaticaly incorrect ramblings of my first half glass as one of the last of the pioneeres Canada!! Rob. Ps more next time when my two fingers have recovered.

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