Friday, August 17, 2007


Yes just plain busy and too darn worn out to post for the last two weeks. That's my story and I"m sticking to it. First of all the wife and kids left for Alberta for our Grand daughters first birthday party. I stayed to run the ranch and also sort and ship cattle as some were ready to go and prices were improved. We moved two thirds of them and can use the rest to graze areas that do not make hay well and then take a late cut of hay off the rest of the land.
Some thing has been on my mind though and that's this whole S.P.P. thing going on with the USA and Mexico. The what you say? Exactly !! Very few people know what it is as it has been deliberately kept from the main stream media. The Security Prosperity Partnership of North America is its full title and it is being decided by the 3 leaders from each country and is advised by a think tank of large corporations. Nothing is discussed at the parliamentary level so debate may take place, so the whole thing is being done with out voter or government approval. When members of the opposition in parliament bring it up all discussion is stopped or even out right denial by those who have been to SPP meetings that such a thing even exists!! Basically it is the leveling of the playing field with all 3 countries having the same rules for trade and food standards and the opening of borders for truly free trade. Topped of with home land security for all, the US dollar as the only currency and the whole N. American Union being run from Washington DC. This they have admitted to. It all seems so bizarre its as though I just read it in a Marvel comic. I have friends and readers south of the border and would appreciate your comments, have you heard about this and if so what is your opinion and the feeling of folks down there, good or bad, I'm curious. It seems our illustrious 3 leaders are meeting in Quebec on 19th 20th August to discuss issues further and there is a 25 kilometer security zone around the meeting place with no protests allowed. The area will be patrolled by Canadian and US troops and security, with that kind of precautions they must be planning something pretty big and radical if they are expecting that level of resistance. Its actually funny as virtually no one knows about it, what the heck are they expecting, its summer every ones at the lake drinking beer, its Canada Eh !!

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