Thursday, October 18, 2007

Fall Colours

Just a few shots of our ranch and surrounding hills, fall is in full swing but sadly not many sunny days as it is a wet one this year. I made the most of it yesterday and went for a wander with my camera.
I was helping the neighbour load his calves the other day and was charged by a wild heifer. I was one side of a steel gate, she and one of my fingers were on the other!! The last joint of the third finger on my left hand was crushed between the steel gate and her head. So it was a quick trip to the hospital for a sewing job and in a few days a splint to help the bone grow strait. It was neat to watch the Doc sew it back up, that local freeze is great couldn't feel a thing. He had to cut off the finger nail so he could sew the finger on properly. What was really cool was he sewed the nail back on to protect the finger as it was a custom fit. Of course when the stitches are removed it will fall off, the nail not the finger!! The whole op took about 45 minutes and we had a good chat while he was working and he explained to me what he was doing while I watched. I've stitched up cattle, horses and sheep in my time, one horse we gave three quarters a bottle of whiskey to as we had no anaesthetic, so when it got groggy we all jumped on it and held it down while I stitched up some bad barbed wire cuts on its leg. No prises for where the other quarter bottle went to!! The Doc liked the idea and said we should try it but I think I prefer the freeze as it lasted for 14 hours. When it wore off at 1am I realised why torturers pull the fingernails of their victims, Damn it hurt. Its tough doing things now as it feels like I have a turnip on the end of my finger, the bandage is three times the size of my finger, it keeps bumping into ever thing and for some reason is darned tender.

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