Monday, November 19, 2007

Big Bertha

Some time ago I posted about our large pile of firewood and talked of the hard work ahead cutting and splitting it. Well its cooler and we have had "Big Bertha" running for several weeks now, its nice and cosy in the house, about 23c or about 75f I can also heat the workshop but as yet have been too busy outside to hide in there. As you can see I still haven't filled the wood shed, but I keep chipping away at the pile. The last week I have been milking the neighbours cows while he and his wife had a well earned break visiting family in Alberta. I often milk to give them a break but as much as I enjoy it I don't think I'd want a full time job milking. I find modern dairying much like pig and poultry production, more agri-industry than agriculture. Give me the Graziers pastoral lifestyle any and everyday !!

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