Friday, March 21, 2008

New Toy

In my youth I was a keen photographer, using Russian Zenith cameras and later Japanese Chinnon cameras. A 35mm film fan with two SLR cameras, one for black and white, one for colour slide film, also a full set of interchangeable telephoto and wide angle lenses and a collection of filters and a large professional flash gun. All of this was kept in a solid camera case which could be stood on to see over crowds at a photo shoot, David Bailey here I come!! This equipment has lasted thirty years and served me will, and would doubtless serve me thirty more, but some smart ass invented cheap digital cameras so my complete camera kit which cost some $3000 in 1978 $s is now worth $50 as a collectors item as the running cost of film developing etc is too much compared to the digital equivalent. To top it all non of my lenses work on the new cameras and all of the filters are different sizes.
So four years ago I took baby steps and bought a range finder style digital camera, and found it was great. With 5 mega pixels and a good zoom lens plus all the filters built in and the ability to change from colour to black and white at the flick of a switch I was sold. Over time though I discovered its limitations and knew I needed an SLR digital, but the price was my limitation ! Well I have been saving my pennies for the last two years and last week I spied a great camera complete with two zoom lenses for a great price, and so I reeled it in.
After a week of learning I am getting there. The camera is OK but the soft ware is a challenge, but here are a few pictures with the new camera, judge for yourself. The sheep seem to like it, they are such a bunch of posers

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