Saturday, June 7, 2008

The Pullpig Dining Car

Those train enthusiasts amongst you will notice the play on words as Pullman Dining Cars were the place to go on long train rides back in the day of more civilized travel. Our pigs I felt deserved no less and here it is in all its splendor complete with sun shade/rain shelter, feed trough and water bowl and every day or two it is pulled to a fresh pasture for a new salad bar to enjoy. The pigs love it and are growing rapidly, it seems they love dandelions and eat them first followed by clover, alfalfa and any other available broadleaved weeds and once they are all gone they will pick over the grass before rooting around for the dandelion roots. Twice a day they get a helping of grain and brewers mash and we feel we can feed them a third grain , third brewers mash and a third fresh salad. This should make for a low fat, flavourful animal that would sell well at the farm gate. At the moment this is an experiment and any spare brewers grain can be fed to the sheep, but if we can find a bigger market for pork we have no shortage of feed and it only takes me three hours to make another dining car. Any one for beer raised pasture pork? Leave your order in the comment box.

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