Tuesday, March 24, 2009


We have now finished our farm sign complete with sheep underneath telling times and days. The sheep did get out the other night after an unusually heavy wind and after gathering them up and doing a better job of attaching them they now seem to be staying put. The sign is a total of 8ft by 8ft and is 12 ft high so if they can't see that I question whether they should be driving!

The other lower sign is for recognition of the farm environmental plan we completed last Fall and is proof we are doing it right. Though for us it was not tough as with a grazing operation and organic farming practices we are easy on the environment. At the same time we also completed a Biodiversity plan which catalogues our management practices and the natural fauna and flora that are on the farm and how we assist in there care and enhancement. Sadly we do not get a sign for that, but we have a nice printed portfolio with maps, text and photos as a keepsake. We are doing well in the biodiversity side of things as we only forage farm and do not disturb the soil and natural pathways of the wildlife going to and from the river.Non of this is profitable dollar wise but it gives a great feeling of satisfaction and a sense of being native to this place.

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