Monday, August 3, 2009

Hot !*%#! Hot.

Very busy this last month and for the last two weeks its been super hot. Never less than 18c at night and often nudging 40c by mid afternoon. We have not had a shower of rain for a month, the air is smoky due to all the forest fires and I never stop irrigating and packing pipe.
Other than that its great! Just picked the bales from our second cut of hay as they say we will have cooler weather and rain over the next few days. As expected our second cut was bigger than our first. Now if the the third cut can top them both we might just have enough hay for the winter. Needless to say, us farmers spend a lot of time on our knees. Though lately it seems to have been worth it as after a poor start to the season things are slowly coming round.
I am looking forward to some cooler weather as my energy levels just aren't there in the heat. Yeah I know I'm getting older, but I can get more done in 20c weather than in 35c heatwaves.
The photos show how are lambs are comming along. The single born ones will soon be ready, so we will start marketing later this month.

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