Monday, March 22, 2010

Baby Rabbits

We had our rabbits early as we wanted them weaned for Easter when we open up the farm. Two does obliged but the other Mopsie would not breed and so is about 2 weeks later. The top photo shows Mopsie's nest. We think there are 6 or more "kits " under the hair which the doe's pluck of their bellies to line the nest and keep their young warm.
They are born bald and blind but in 10 days have hair and by 2 weeks their eyes open . At that time they are warm and all the hair is tossed aside as shown in bottom two photos. Turns out the does only suckle once a day but look how fat those little bunnies are. Rabbits milk is 3 times richer than cows milk. At the time of writing the little ones are just starting to come out of the nest and explore their pen.

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