Saturday, July 10, 2010


Today’s lesson is brought to you by The letter P.
Believe it or not we farmers do a lot of thinking, chugging up and down the field driving our tractors, especially now while making hay. That along with the whole G8, G20 thing going on I was reminded of Sesame Street, not just because of the childish antics of the politicians, police and protesters. Though I do feel that’s an insult to many bright well behaved children I know. I was reminded how the letter P shows up in all things political and economical, and how the Sesame Street Show was always sponsored by a letter and a number each time, and that they featured heavily in all the skits and cartons my children watched. So today’s article is bought to you by the letter P, and myself, musing on my tractor making hay. It’s darned tough bouncing over the mole hills and balancing the laptop on you knee!

Profit: What every one wants, few get it, and when they do it stays in their bank
account instead of being spread around for the common good.

People: Used to produce the goods to make Profit, also to buy the same goods that make
Profit. None of them get the Profit, except the ones that get the Profit and they don’t produce or buy the products.

Pleasure: The feeling a few People get when collecting their Profit.

Pain: What most People feel when not getting a Profit.

Power: What those that have Profit want.

Progress: What was supposed to happen with the Profit to make People Placid.

Prosperity: What the People should have with sufficient Profit and Progress.

Poverty: What we always have, even with more and bigger Profits, it never disappears.

Propaganda: Used by Power and Profit to convince People that we have Progress and

Proletariat: Those who Propaganda is aimed at and hopefully in the end Protest about it.

Powerless: How the Proletariat feel until they Protest.

Protest: Pastime of the Proletariat, when Peed off.

Pests: What Profit and Power call People that stir up the Proletariat.

Politics: The method by which change can come about Peacefully, or not.

Peace: What you get when we all learn to share and get along, you know like Play school.

Purge: A sometimes messy process to bring about a Paradigm change when Politics and
Peaceful methods fail.

Paradigm Change: Something the Proletariat want and Power and Profit fears the most.

Power to the People: Also Profit to the People.
Presented by the letter P.

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