Saturday, April 19, 2008


Miserable, that describes the weather and how I feel about it. The 19th April and its snowing, we should have the sheep on pasture by now but it has been such a cold dry spring the grass has managed to turn green but it isn't growing. The sheep too are miserable as they are sick of silage and are itching to get out and eat some grass. Every fence around their pens has no grass within 18 inches of it as they are all on their knees reaching as far as they can under the fence to get any green blade that they can snag.
On the bright side the drop in barometric pressure brought on some more ewes and we had three sets of twins last night. We now only have a handful left to lamb and with a 160% lamb drop I figure it's not bad for a bunch of ewes whose average age is 8 plus years .It never ceases to amaze me why sheep, cattle and goats always birth right ahead of a storm rather than keeping their legs crossed and waiting till it blows over !! Any one with any ideas out there?

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