Saturday, April 19, 2008

Update on river bank

If you can remember back to last Novembers posts (see older posts at bottom of page) we were busy working on the river bank restoration to stop the erosion of the banks and to make water access points for the livestock. We placed rock and trees along the bank to protect it, but could not finish because of heavy snow cover. Well the guys were back the other day as it must be finished before high water at the end of May. The trees all have to be secured with cables to the rock.
The job starts with drilling holes in the rocks so that the cable can be inserted and glued in place with an epoxy cement. The cable is wrapped around the bundles of trees and the cable ends glued into the rocks. Once the epoxy is hardened the cables are tightened by stapling the cable into tree trunks until all the slack is tightened. As you can see in the last photo you need a good sense of balance walking on the trees as a spill guarantees a bath !

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