Saturday, January 3, 2009

New Year New Bug

First of all happy new year to all readers, you will notice I wrote that in small case as I'm not to sure about what it has install for us. I am nervous to give it too much respect as I have a feeling it will not be respecting us. Yes we will get a few more wrinkles and grey hairs as is to be expected, but the whole Financial/Economic happenings are another thing,(note I gave them capital letters). There are so many predictions in the media and on the web you can take your pick depending on your mood. So I will not be making any predictions and therefore no new year resolutions, so that way it will all be some one else's fault!
We had all the kids and grandchildren home for Christmas and had a great time. The house was full of noise and a busy place unlike this morning as they have now all gone and we are faced with the empty nest until April. Towards the end of their stay we one by one came down with the Mother of all Gastric Bugs(lots of capital letters = lots of respect). If was a hard and fast 36 hour special that opened the sluices at both ends and as one daughter said "this is like getting Cholera". This was a "bug" as opposed to food poisoning as we all received it at different times over 5 days.
The only way I can tie the first paragraph with the second is to say that I would not wish this bug on any one.Except of course the greedy brain dead idiots who caused this whole Financial/Economic mess and especially those who received golden hand shakes for doing so. A double dose is reserved the the clown who worked 3 weeks and got a $25 million handshake when he was fired. Also a triple dose for the idiots that signed and agreed to his contract clause!!

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