Sunday, January 25, 2009

Signs of winter work

I went out and played with my camera the other day and set it for black and white. Yes I miss the old days of Ilford film 125asa and the 400asa you could push to 1600 for low light conditions and the best they ever made the 50asa which gave fantastic clear photos that could be blown up to huge sizes and still be clear. That was when it was an art form, now any idiot with $500 and a finger to press the button can do it. Thankfully composition is 80% of a good picture so it still takes a degree of artistic expression to get good shots. Not that the following fall in that category!

I just wanted to show you what I had been up to these wintry months. The top picture shows our barn which is now slowly emptying with the feeding of the flock, and the space will be used for pregnancy checking and shearing which will come in February and March respectively.

The second one shows some of the 60 panels I have recently made for use in the lambing pens in April when we start the annual ritual. They were made from used lumber given to me by a shepherd who was retiring, so my only expense was labour and some 600 3inch screws. Of course this does not include the Bushmills for pain relief after bending over all day to assemble them!

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