Monday, December 10, 2007

More River Bank

In the post before this one there was a picture of the river bank with a gap between the trees (scroll down). This will become a watering access point for livestock and will be 10 feet wide and fenced to allow stock to drink but not wallow in the river. The slope down the bank will be underlined with geo-grid and gravel to protect it from erosion. It will be put in soon so I hope to get a picture or two of it being installed so you can see what it looks like. We have already done one on our east bank and found it worked great with 90 head of cattle and NO erosion, its neat stuff.
The photos on this post show the bank with newly planted willow branches. These are cuttings cut from a live tree and placed in the ground, they will sprout in the Spring and grow new trees. The conifer trees are in place and will be cabled secure in the next week or so. The other two are cos I like life size Tonka toys!!

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