Monday, December 10, 2007

River Bank Restoration

This last two weeks have been very busy along our river bank, finally work is under way. The first week saw 30 plus loads of trees and 50 loads of rocks stock piled along the work areas awaiting the back hoe for placement. This last week the back hoe was busy setting rock at the base of the slope to slow up the current and stop erosion. Next trees are laid on the bank at an angle to catch debris and build up the bank so grasses and willows can establish. Willows and grasses are also planted at the top of the bank either side of the new fence, which protects the area from livestock. The trees will be secured with cable to the rocks so as not to float away at high water, this has yet to be done along with wire for the fence,but all in all a lot was done this week. Well done guys!!

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