Monday, December 10, 2007

Salt and Pepper

Sheep and cattle are no different than us, they like their condiments, so good stock men always ensure there is a salt and mineral mix available for their charges. Unlike us, it is not sprinkled on their feed or over the pasture but placed for easy access where the ewes can nibble or in most cases lick salt and a mineral vitamin mix much the same as folks take their take their once a day multi vitamin pill. Loose salt and minerals are better for sheep than the large lick blocks that are often seen in cows fields. The problem is to keeping the powder dry so it does not turn into a big hard lump. Well the hardware store had a special on those garbage bins with wheels that you can roll out to the kerb for pick up. With a sharp knife and a shorty piece of re-bar I turned one into a movable dry mineral feeder which the sheep are now using and enjoying as an addition to the silage and the fresh snow they use for water,(they are to lazy to walk to the river).With a bag of salt and a bag of minerals totaling $60 its a nice cost saving device as we now have no waste due to moisture.

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