Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Belizian Crops

In the San Ignacio area we were able to drive by many different crops. Thanks to Gonzo our giude he showed us around and explained to us the fields farms and seasons.Oranges,limes,lemons,grapefruit,bananas,coconut,mangoes,papiya,pineapple also field crops of beans and futher south rice. Rice was the only crop not grown in the area as it was not wet enough and it is grown in the south were they receive double the rain fall. Orange harvest was in full swing while we were there and we watched them load a truck , one of many as this particular orchard was over 4000 acres. It was owned by a gentlman from Kentucky, and I wondered how many more people would be employed if the machinary was scrapped and the land owned in 10 acre parcels and farmed by owner operators.
Futher down the road and in a more hilly area with thinner soil we ran into Amish farmers, they mix farm and graze animals, and are self sufficient. Their gardens were very impresive, large weed free with every fruit and vegetable under the sun, as a keen gardener I was quiet envious. To the east of San Ignacio on the highway there is the Central Farm agoverment reserch station with many of the above mentioned crops. Here they test new hybrids and disease resistant varieties, also they have a large herd of cattle and lots of pasture. When we visit next year I will try and fit in a visit there as my head is now full of unanswered questions !!

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