Monday, February 4, 2008

The Best Holiday Ever

The best holiday ever, of course it was the first my wife and I had taken in 28 years, but it was great!! Belize and Guatemala for two weeks, no snow to shovel, no critters to feed, and the only thing you have to put on to go ouside is sun screen !! Of course I took lots of pictures and wrote a journal, mainly so I could remember every thing and keep my thoughts and observations. I will not bore you with all we did, but I will show you some of the farmimg I saw and some of the more interesting sights.
We used public buses in Belize, a very cheap and reliable means of transport, also a great way to see the real people and country. They are all old school buses and there is no capacity limit, I have seen all seats full and 35 people standing in the isle !! A sure fire way to get to meet people. The bottom picture is the San Ignacio to Belmopan bus, we caught the 9.00am bus as it was less crowded than the 8.00am one. The top picture shows why we used private cab minivans in Guatemala instead of the local taxis one of which is seen here fueling up and getting some much needed air in the rear tires.

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