Monday, February 4, 2008

Guatemalan Grazing

With 14 million people compared to Belizes 300,000 Guatemala is big on food production and the small part of the country we saw around Tikkal and Flores seemed to be undulating and lending its self more to ranching than farming. Plenty of cattle were visable on our travels, all Bramahs idealy suited to the climate. There was evidense of rotational grazing and areas of set aside for dry season grazing. Paddocks though were large and not cross fenced so MIG or managment intensive grazing is not practiced yet, though with thier abundant growth and rainfall I imagine it would work well. Hair sheep were also seen, a flock of around 400 at one spot though they were difficult to photograph from a moving car. Talking to one of the hotel managers and showing him photos of our ranch he was fasinated by the portable electric fence. His name was Abraham and he was raised on a farm and was most shocked that it was me doing all the work on my farm and not the hired man. Belizian wages are $1.50 an hour, here they are a lot more, hence I do the work. This seemed to mean a lot to him and from that point on we were treated with a new respect, which included a large pot of tea perfectly brewed every morning for breakfast.

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castaway said...

Your pictures are really beautiful! Perhaps because you're so familiar with your surroundings it might not be as interesting to you, but your pictures and content are very unique and interesting to people in other parts of the world.