Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Horticultural Bent, or just desperate for fruit.

In our farm yard we have a strip of grass that serves no purpose except as a make work project for me and the lawn mower. Its too small to graze and we like to keep it looking nice as its next to the house. One of the main reasons for selling our ranch in Manitoba and moving to BC was to gain better weather and as I love fruit it meant we could grow more than just rhubarb. So what better place to start a new orchard as our only three apple trees are very old and on their last legs. After several trips to our local supplier with the trusty volvo station wagon I set to planting 16 trees, plums, cherries, apples, pear, apricot, nectarines and peaches. I figure between myself,wife ,kids and future grandchildren we should have enough for canning, pies and fruit leather. Then with all the wind falls and spoilt fruit we can sweeten up a couple of pigs for the freezer.

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