Friday, May 9, 2008

New Kittens

Our faithful mum cat "Nappy" had kittens again the other week but not in the normal fashion of a barn cat. All the cats I have ever known always go and hide in a dark corner or the hay stack to have their kittens, and Nappy always has hers on the stable roof within the barn, safe and secure. Now in all my years I have seen many different animals give birth but never a cat. Now we knew Nappy would have a big litter as not only was she big and round but in the last few days she had kept her feet firmly on the ground, climbing had just become too difficult. So it really should not have come as a surprise when I went in the barn one afternoon and heard high pitched meowing of new born kittens. There was Nappy in the middle of the barn floor having her kittens in full view without a care in the world. I ran to get my wife and camera to witness the event. Nappy was quite happy about the whole thing and didn't seem to mind the camera flash . The neatest thing for me was watching her pull her own kittens out when they were stuck, I just wish sheep, cattle and goats were as smart and flexible and I would have a lot less stress in the Spring. She had six kittens in all and kept them on the floor for a day getting her strength back and then she packed them one by one up the wall to her spot on the stable roof. We have not heard or seen them since but it usually takes twenty or so days and then she will bring them down to play so we will have to be patient and hope all is well in the mean time.

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