Friday, May 2, 2008

Quiz Answer

Yes I know the comments box is gone and I apologise to those trying to answer the quiz. Unfortunately an unsavoury character left me an ugly virus for a comment and gave my computer a hissy fit. Thankfully my anti virus stopped and contained it so no major harm done except to my nerves and my opinion of my fellow human beings, hence a closing of the comment box until I pluck up the courage to open it. I wouldn't mind if I wrote a hard assed opinion blog or something distasteful, but cute lambs and farm scenes are hardly offencive.
Well back to the quiz, I left the lawn irrigation on over night by mistake and it dropped to -6c and every blade of grass had a large finger sized ball of ice on the tip , so with the early morning sun I lay down on the lawn and took a photo of the field of ice balls. If you look closely you will see the blade of grass in one of the bubbles.