Monday, May 5, 2008

Spring is here

It has finally warmed up the last few days and with warmer nights the grass is starting to grow and as you can see the leaves are breaking bud on the trees. Even the dandelion's are looking pretty,these ones are in a sheltered spot but soon all the fields in the valley will be yellow with this pesky weed. If you are grazing or making silage they are not too much of a problem but they can be a pain when making hay as they slow down the drying time due to their high moisture content.
The grass is now moving so we should be able to stay ahead of the flock. This is good as we would have to run on the other side of the river if grazing got tight. We have yet to find a Mareema puppy to raise with the flock for a guardian dog and would need one on the other side of the river as the coyotes are much braver there than close to the road and house on this side. If any one knows of a bitch pup up to 4 months old that is with sheep please drop me a line as we really need to get one started for next year.

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