Saturday, July 7, 2007


Old Barns are one of my favorite places, our first ranch in Manitoba had lots of barns but they were all new. Our BC ranch has a beauty and as near as we can tell talking to some of the local old timers it's close to 100 years old. Now I know for you Brits your new barns are older than that, but bear with me, this valley has only been settled for the last 100 or so years which makes our barn a true pioneer. The frame is made of ceder logs and is overlaid with bush cut lumber. The old ceder shake shingles are still there but are now covered with tin. It also has a rail and track at the top of the barn to bring the loose hay in, with an opening at each end for unloading the hay wagon. It has had a new wing built on the north side to allow for a feeding area but the original part is just for storing hay.
Built into the west side of the barn is a stable for 4 horses, once again all made from ceder. With some hay in the barn and some new kittens to play with its a great place for kids to explore or adults to contemplate. When the lighting is better I will take some shots of the inside to show the craftsmanship of its construction.

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