Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Ranchers and Farmers endangered species

There is a major greying of heads amongst ranchers and farmers these days as fewer and fewer youngsters want to take the reins. Stats Canada released figures recently that put the average rancher at 55 and the average grain and hay farmer at 57. That means I can still say I'm a young farmer, though it doesn't seem to pull the young ladies like it used to!
This brings about the problem of succession or passing the baton on to the next generation. In some cases it skips a generation to the grand children. The big worry is the knowledge base that will be lost, as good farming is far more an art than a science, hence the name Agriculture. Thanks to Big business the culture is almost gone and it is called Ag-Industry, not unlike Military Industrial complex. So in an effort to reverse trends I feel we have to get them while they are young and take a page from the "street pushers". After all us young and not so young ranchers know full well that agriculture is as addictive as crack cocaine so its just a matter of getting them hooked.
The photo above shows my first effort with my grandaughter she can steer and as it has a shuttle shift automatic the clutch is not a problem. Brakes on the other hand pose a serious concern so we will have to keep her on flat ground, that could be interesting living as we do in the mountains.Judging by the expression on her face she doesn't relish the hills either!

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