Monday, July 2, 2007

Day Job

I milked for the last time this morning so its back to my day job, at least until they feel like another few days off. We have had about 5 inches of rain this month so I shut the irrigation down on the 13th June, before going to our son James Graduation in Winnipeg. It has been dry for several days now and the 14 day outlook is hot and dry, so I fired up the pump and spent the morning setting out hand lines and fixed guns, a good work out so I have earned dessert with my supper.
I always vowed I would not buy a farm with irrigation as I felt if I was that tied down I might as well milk cows,Ha never say never. After 2 seasons of irrigation I think its great, I finally control the rain. What a control freak, actually its not true as I control the on switch, not the off switch.
This afternoon I was getting a tan setting up portable electric fences for the next three days grazing, buy far my most favorite job. We move the cattle every day to fresh grass, this keeps them gaining weight and minimizes waste. I some times think they are better off than me as I get to eat left overs at least once or twice a week, they always have fresh every day with out fail. When I approached Clare (my wife) on this I was told that this is how we make money, more pounds on the cattle and less spent on me!! Touche!
I posted a few photos from this afternoon, I had an audience while erecting the fence as you can see, the mountain in the back ground is Mnt Ida, and my favorite sight a contented bovine eating fresh grass. Bye for now. Rob.

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