Saturday, July 14, 2007

That'll learn me!

As mentioned in the previous post the 13th started out well, the rest of the morning followed suit. I managed a successful shopping expedition for supplies as I am batching at present, moved pipe and cattle and from that point it went downhill rapidly. It was very hot and getting humid and cloudy, it broke with a big wind ripping down the valley, lots of thunder in the mountains, and a crash as a large maple tree blew over and knocked down a section of our corral fence. Topping it all with a power cut that lasted 4 hours.
Knowing it would take a while to get power back I thought I would go along to the neighbours and see if they had power as often outages are very local here. Keith, Ernie and Doug were sitting in the shade drinking beer, Doug could not milk his cows as he needed hydro to do it, Ernie was there to bale Keith's hay which was too dry and needed a small shower which was headed our way over the hill.(Yes hay can be too dry and a quick shower or dew will dampen it enough to stop the leaves shattering and thus make the hay better quality.)With the power out the boys were worried the beer would heat up and spoil so they decided the best course of action would be to finish the case. They asked me if I could possibly lend a hand, well now I'm always willing to help out a neighbour so we cooled our insides down with Molsens while the outside was cooled down with a nice shower of rain.
After two cold beers on a hot afternoon on an empty stomach things started to look better and after telling the mandatory number of lies and tall stories we felt it time to asses the situation. The hay was now just right to bale and low and behold the power had come back on. All good things come to those who wait!

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