Thursday, July 5, 2007

The River

The Salmon river flows right through our ranch and it is a pretty and sometimes challenging body of water. It is also the life blood of our grazing system as we pump water from it during the summer to irrigate our pastures. Over the years since the valley has been settled the river banks have eroded and the river has changed course many times in different areas. So a group of folks got together and with government and private funds are restoring the river banks, righting the wrongs so to speak. They build up river banks ,plant trees and grasses, and help build watering points for livestock as well as fencing a set back zone from the river to allow nature to do what it does best without old "Bossy" the cow's interference.
We are due to have some work done on our place this summer along with several other folks up and down the watershed. So yesterday I spent the day with some of the founders and organisers, first looking at a property and the work to be done there some 30 miles up river from us and then they all came to check our place out. We have a problem with a wide stretch of river and it changes sides most every year, making it very difficult to water cattle, at the same time the bank is being undermined by the river and is collapsing into the river adding to the silt problem. If the work is approved it should be done sometime in August. The top picture is a view of the river on our place where it is in good shape, lots of growth in the riparian area and stable banks. The others are of the site further upriver we visited, as you can see we live in a very pretty valley and we feel blessed to be here and hopefully do our bit to keep it that way. I learnt lots yesterday and am always up for a challenge, which will no doubt come when the machinery arrives ,fences come down and cattle get to curious for their own good! Next time . Rob.

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